Introducing a New AI Tool for Web Designers & Developers: Chat3MW

With the insane popularity of new tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, the brilliant minds behind 3 Media Web decided to create one of their own. Introducing: Chat3MW

Chat3MW is a conversational generative AI tool from 3 Media Web that addresses a problem many of us want to solve––it predicts the future. The traditional methods of forecasting are clunky and unpredictable. Practices like using the Magic 8 Ball, reading tea leaves, flipping Tarot cards, or visiting Zoltan on the beach boardwalk are all old-school ways of making predictions. Chat3MW is the new school.

Chat3MW provides a more methodically generated response to a range of life problems, from actionable questions around business…

  • “Who is my target audience?”
  • “What sized budget should I use to start my marketing campaign?”
  • “How much time should I invest in new marketing channels this year?”
  • “Is TikTok a good idea for my business?”
  • “How long does my CEO need to dance to Solid Gold music for my new TikTok channel to go viral?”

…or turn on “Spirit Mode” to ask personal questions about the future. Tap into the spirit world to unlock another dimension and gather more future predictions from the beyond. :

  • “Will my friend know I’m lying when I cancel on her last minute?”
  • “What will my love life look like in the future?”
  • “Will I ever bring out that box of 200 CDs I have in the basement or should I throw them away?”
  • “There’s a brown water stain on my ceiling that keeps getting bigger, is that bad?”
  • “How do I deal with the negative energy of someone who always needs to be right?”
  • “Can you get in trouble for pushing an in-law overboard while on a cruise?”

With solutions already optimized around prophesy as it pertains to business needs and personal, we’ll soon be expanding functionality for other common issues companies face like recognizing sarcasm in communication, needing a brainstorming buddy, advice on work attire and predicting the hot gossip.

Introducing Chat3MW, a new conversational AI tool from the minds of 3 Media Web.

Try the beta version of Chat3MW right now and experience the true power of artificial intelligence.

The Future is Here. Chat3MW is Here to Help Your Business

AI is already changing how many companies reach new audiences and design websites. Now, with powerful tools like Chat3MW, you can get started today.

Sure, you could settle for other AI tools like ChatGPT and improve your marketing with those.

But if you want a compelling, captivating, and enigmatic experience, try our new AI tool, Chat3MW. It’s time to unleash the true potential of your B2B business with the help of artificial intelligence.

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