2016 Award for Best Biotech Website

3 Media Web is honored to be the 2016 WebAward for Best Biotech Website for our work with MatTek Corporation. Marc Avila, Founder of 3 Media Web, said, “We are incredibly proud of the work we accomplished and delighted to be recognized by the Web Marketing Association in the category for Best Biotech Website design.”

Every biotech leader needs an award-winning “Best Biotech” Website.

MatTek Corporation is a biotech company that uses advanced technology to engineer tissue cells on computer chips for medical testing. Mattek is one of the leading companies to produce three-dimensional reconstructed human tissue models used for various industries. As an industry leader, MatTek required a website that would reflect that status. Previously two websites contributed to their online presence– one for e-commerce and another for corporate information. Neither these websites truly demonstrated their leadership role or their level of technology.

The Best Biotech Website Award for 2016 now helps position them as an emerging leader in the biotech space.

Savvy 2016 Web Tools and E-commerce

3 Media Web used original imagery from MatTek lab samples and created a complete redesign highlighting MatTek’s industry-leading technology. The new site integrates e-commerce with information from both websites. 3 Media Web designed a custom search tool for different audiences to easily browse MatTek’s large library of reference materials, applications, and products the company offers.

The Web Marketing Association’s WebAwards

The Web Marketing Association’s WebAwards is the longest-running annual website award competition and is open to anyone involved in developing websites for organizations, companies, and the government. Since 1997, the annual WebAward has set the standard of excellence for website development. Independent expert judges from around the world review sites in 96 industries. It is an honor for Mattek and 3 Media Web to be the winners in the Best Biotech Website category.

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