3 Media Web Celebrates Our Clients’ Websites: 2015 IMA Awards

Earlier this month, 3 Media Web was recognized with three Interactive Media Awards, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Global Study Connections won an IMA Outstanding Achievement Award in the Education category, while Tyrogenex and Xcovery won in the Pharmaceutical category. We’re so proud of our work with clients and are pleased these sites have gotten recognition.

The Outstanding Achievement IMA awards is given to websites with high planning, execution, and professionalism standards. All three sites notched high scores on design, content, usability, and standards compliance, and all scored 100 out of 100 on feature functionality. Here’s what went into our award-winning websites.


Xcovery and Tyrogenex are sister companies, and they wanted two distinct websites with some common threads to tie them together.

From the start, we were thinking about leveraging the design to make each site look similar but not identical. When you’re talking about biopharma, you’re dealing with a change-rich, highly competitive environment. It’s easy to get caught up in what you as a company want to get across, but we flipped it and took a user-centered approach. We asked, “What do your site visitors really want?” and determined the best approach was to simplify the site and have three really bold, obvious “buckets” for site visitors: Our Science, Our Pipeline Clinical Trials, and Patient Resources.


3 Media Web worked with Tyrogenex to build an entirely new site while still ensuring it looked related to Xcovery. Similar designs with differing details helped tie the two together without making them look identical. In particular, photos and colors help differentiate the sites and companies, while page layout and typefaces show subtle similarities.

Global Study Connections

The work 3 Media Web that garnered IMA awards, done for Global Study Connections was meant to help the company reach a multifaceted audience. The company helps connect families abroad who want to send their children to American schools and U.S. families interested in sending their children abroad. People who visit the website are looking for information about how GSC works and operates and the extent of its services.

The company was working with an old, outdated site that wasn’t very well organized. 3 Media Web helped GSC build and develop a professional, polished website that reaches the audience effectively and provides translated content options for audiences around the globe.

3 Media Web designed and developed a new website design on WordPress to establish a modern, friendly feels that highlights the organization’s global abilities and sophistication. It also worked with GSC to choose images that focus on the organization’s strong connection to Asia and appeal to a larger audience, showing that it can work with anyone worldwide.

The rebuild made the website easier to use, resulting in a more professional and informative site that provides information students, parents, and school administrators need when researching study-abroad options.

The IMA Awards

Created by the Interactive Media Council, the IMA awards are meant to recognize efforts to raise the standards of excellence on the internet. We’re proud of the IMA awards we’ve garnered and are pleased that our clients can share in these recognitions. The awards’ combined focus on appearance and functionality reminds us of the importance of good web design: It has to be attractive, but it has to work, too. We look forward to continuing success in helping our clients create beautiful websites.

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