Why You Should Bring Your Sales Team Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Quick Summary: Sales teams are often in direct contact with clients & customers. It makes sense to include them when planning digital marketing strategy.

Often small teams wish to remain small and agile when planning a B2B digital marketing strategy––the general fear is bringing too many cooks into the kitchen.

That’s not always the right move.

Your sales team is a valuable resource for learning more about your customers, such as what drives them to action and generally what makes them take the next step with your business.

The truth is, large restaurants have many cooks in the kitchen, from grill chefs to pastry chefs, maître d’, not to mention the wait staff and the rest of the front-of-the-house team. Your sales team is a valuable resource for planning your marketing strategy, learning more about your customers, and turning more website visitors into qualified leads.

Uncover the Questions Customers Are Asking Most

The questions that customers are asking your sales team are often the most valuable questions that your business needs to solve. Solve these questions through content, and you’ll not only attract more potential customers to your site but also convert more into qualified leads. These questions relate to the problem your business can solve.

Set time aside each month to interview your sales team, both the sales leadership teams and those team members on the front lines––and take notes. ​​Organize the notes and look for commonalities. Are there any that are routinely asked? These may even make good candidates for a frequently asked questions section on your website. You can extract key questions and develop content from them, which you can share back to the sales team as sales enablement content. This may help relieve some pressure off your sales team as well. It also shows customers that you understand their needs, leading to more positive conversations with sales.

Discover the Language That Converts Leads into Customers

Language is powerful. It can often be the difference between a solid sale and a lost lead. Sales teams use language every day to hear what customers are saying and deliver the best solution for their needs. You can do the same on your website. Use the same words customers use. Watch out for your internal jargon – it might not mean anything to your buyer.

Discovering the common questions that customers use with your sales teams also presents an opportunity for conversion rate optimization (CRO) on your website. Run an A/B test on your website, or even a multivariate test, with a few versions of your website copy. Use the current copy as your control, and in the variable content, use the same language used by your sales team. Check with sales to see that it’s the same language they use daily. Run the test for a few business cycles to see what resonates most with your visitors. The goal of the test is to find the copy that converts the most visitors into solid leads.

Find Out What Keeps the Relationship Growing

Every salesperson knows that relationships are everything. Establish the relationship, and the revenue will follow. Your sales teams understand what makes customers happy. Use their knowledge to build relationships with the rest of your customers.

B2C businesses are highly sophisticated with growing customer relationships through automation. For example, maybe your sales team reaches out to clients on their birthday. You can roll out a special birthday message to the rest of your customers via an automated email to make them feel seen by your business. Those special touches help make your business feel human, rather than a faceless entity that doesn’t care about its customers.

Keep Learning More About Your Customers

You can never know too much about your customers. One of our core principles here at 3 Media Web is Always Be Learning. This applies to our skills, but also to learn about our customers. Your sales teams are often in direct contact with your target clients or customers, so it makes sense to bring them into the room when planning your digital marketing strategy to learn as much as you can.

Don’t worry about bringing in too many cooks into the kitchen. Your sales team is a valuable resource for learning more about your customers. Turn more website visitors into qualified leads with their help. 

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