Working at 3 Media Web: Rachel Evans, Client Services Manager

If you’re a 3 Media Web client, chances are you’ve talked to our all-star client services manager, Rachel Evans. This month, Rachel is celebrating one year with 3 Media Web. Over the past 12 months, her job has grown and evolved as we’ve gotten busier and bigger, so we asked her to share what a day in her work life looks like.

Customer Support

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, Rachel answers 3MW phone and email requests. She’s the friendly voice that provides training and helps our clients set up new email accounts, resolve server issues and make updates to their websites. “I’m always learning new ways to help clients with technical issues, and learning new tools and technologies to make sure I’m sharing the best possible advice,” she says.

WordPress Training

Rachel is dedicated to training 3MW clients. If a client is interested in learning how to make edits to a website, Rachel first shows them the steps live by sharing her screen. Then, she encourages them to try making edits on their own (sometimes even assigning “homework”, offering on-call assistance and additional remote training sessions).

Rachel likes to offer training based on what a client needs at any given time. “Not every client wants training on the same functionalities all at once; some want to learn how to post more events, others want to add videos, complex photo galleries or testimonials. I like to tailor trainings for each individual client’s business needs.”

“As clients get more comfortable with the WordPress interface, we get a lot of additional requests for more in-depth functions that clients want to learn how to do on their own. We are here to provide that.”

Training is not just limited to WordPress. Client service manager, Rachel, also works with our clients on best practices for social media and basic SEO. Rachel manages social media for 3MW as well, hand-picking helpful blog posts and how-tos to share with followers.

Quality Assurance

Rachel is also our QA point person on all new website launches and on updates to existing sites, which means that she comes in with fresh eyes and tests the website from the user’s perspective.

As we get close to launching a new website, Rachel comes in to do what we call a “sanity check” — she fills out every form, clicks every link and opens every gallery — all while thinking about what the client is looking for and what’s best for the final website user.

Website Success

Rachel also spends time proactively reviewing client websites and offering suggestions for updating or improving them. “A lot of website development companies help you launch your website, but after it’s live, they’re off to the next project,” she says. “We’re different — ongoing support and providing feedback to improve your website is an important part of our model. So, it’s my job to check in with our clients, review how their websites are working and the traffic they’re getting, learn what’s going on with their business, and strategize how 3 Media Web can support their goals.”

After a new site has launched and the dust has settled, most people come up with ideas about new features they’d like to add or changes they’d like to make. I’m here to help make that happen.” And, she adds, keeping websites updated with fresh content helps clients’ SEO rankings, too. “Updated websites have a better presence in Google. Little changes can make a big difference. We want to make sure the websites we launch with clients keep improving over time.”

“This is my dream job,” Rachel says. “I spent years commuting. Now I work from my home office in Connecticut with a really hard-working, professional, intelligent team. And, an added bonus: I love to cook, and I can cook during my lunch break — my house always smells like cookies or pot roast!”

It’s decided: The next team meeting is at Rachel’s house!

Email Rachel or give her a call at (508) 845-8900 x109.

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