23 Best Biotech Website Designs for 2023

Amongst the best biotech companies in the industry, it’s important to have a modern, user-friendly website. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best biotech website designs of 2023 to serve as a potential source of inspiration for updating your own.

These sites feature some of the best biotech web designs across stealth, start-up, and growing biotech companies.

Best Biotech Website Designs

1. Akouos


Akouos, a provider of gene therapy for hearing loss, conveys a pretty compelling story with a clean, scrollable design on their homepage.

Upfront, they explain their mission of “healthy hearing available to all” with personal photos of folks with hearing loss (i.e., not corporate stock photos) that rotate with each visit.

Scroll down, and they explain the widespread impact of hearing loss and how their gene therapy addresses the issue, with colorful graphics and photos accompanying that explanation.

Without requiring an extra click to a secondary page, website visitors receive a clear explanation of what the biotech company does and who they benefit from.

Akouos’ website tells us that they’re restoring and preserving high-acuity hearing in one of the greatest unmet challenges of medicine.

According to the startup, 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, but no FDA-approved therapies address it.

They are developing targeted AAV-based gene therapies for sensorineural hearing loss, which results from dysfunction or damage to the inner ear’s sensory cells and/or nerve fibers.

Sensorineural hearing loss is found in most cases of newborn deafness. It affects nearly a quarter of all adults over 65, making it the most common form of hearing loss and one of the most common of all sensory disorders.

2. Allay Therapeutics


Allay Therapeutics is leading the way in ultra-sustained analgesic products to provide better pain management treatments for patients and physicians. The solutions that Allay provides also seek to address the drawbacks of opioids, reducing the related issues of addiction. They are confident that they have solved the challenges of post-surgical pain management.

The design of the homepage makes Allay Therapeutics’ website stand out. With a darker color palate, the hero image features gorgeous photos of the moon’s phases. Without the ability to scroll, users are driven to navigate through the sidebar menu.

They maintain the use of beautiful lunar photography throughout the website as users learn more about the science behind their pain-management therapies and current pipeline.

Allay’s website content is informative, with helpful illustrations and infographics to make their data even more compelling.

3. Ambagon Therapeutics


Ambagon Therapeutics seeks to develop a new class of medicines capable of modulating previously undruggable targets and influencing accessible ones in new ways. These medicines would have therapeutic uses across various treatment areas, including cancer, metabolic disorders, and neurodegenerative and infectious diseases.

The company is committed to expanding the boundaries of medicine to treat currently incurable diseases and helping people live longer healthier lives.

Their homepage greets the user with bold, colorful animations, directing them to pages highlighting the science and platform of Ambagon Therapeutics.

Their science and pipeline pages provide in-depth details of Ambagon’s scientific efforts and current achievements, using consistent colors and styling.

Their contact page details Ambagon’s numerous locations, provide the email addresses for relevant interests and encourages the user to connect with linked icons to social media pages.

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4. Apollo Therapeutics


Apollo Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company rapidly advancing a robust pipeline of potentially transformative therapeutic programs based on breakthrough discoveries. They identify and develop pre-clinical and clinical-stage assets with strong biological hypotheses and the potential to become meaningful new treatment options.

Their team combines ‘drug hunters’ and deep subject matter experts who build an expansive and de-risked portfolio in oncology, major inflammatory disorders, and rare diseases.

Apollo Therapeutics features a very defined user flow, with a homepage that directs users to click the primary CTA to learn more about the company, its investors, and who they work with.

The navigation is nested as a hamburger button, with limited navigation options that lend themselves to a clean, simplified user experience.

The contact page allows interested users to contact the most relevant Apollo Therapeutics office via email, either in the US or the UK.

5. Arista Biologicals, Inc


Arista Biologicals has been a manufacturer and supplier of rapid diagnostic reagents and equipment since 1993. Their products are used worldwide, primarily for the manufacturing of diagnostic kits. Arista Biologicals’ reagents are utilized in rapid testing for pregnancy, drug abuse, infectious diseases, and more.

In addition to products, their services include consultation services, custom conjunctions to colloidal gold, and custom assay development. Located in Allentown, PA, USA, Arista Biologicals is conveniently located near Philadelphia and New York City.

The home page clearly states the company’s mission statement and uses eye-catching images and CTA buttons to drive traffic to pages that help users learn more about the company and their products.

Their reagent, service, and equipment pages provide digestible breakdowns of what Arista Biologicals provides, with easy navigation.

Their simplified contact form allows users to reach out to Arista Biologicals without daunting, unnecessary fields that might cause higher form abandonment rates.

6. Be Biopharma


Be Biopharma is people-focused, seeking to transform care for serious diseases through the new Engineered B Cell Medicines class. They take pride in their work as a team focused on creating bold new cell therapies.

The home page design centers on their bold hero slider, with CTAs driving users to learn more about their science, stay up-to-date on the latest news, and join the Be Biopharma team.

The pages feature unique, interactive UX to accompany their informative content and clean infographics.

Users navigate the website using sidebar navigation and are encouraged to connect with Be Biopharma through their social media links.

7. Beam Therapeutics


In recent years, Google has made site mobile-friendliness a significant part of its search algorithm. The web designers for Beam Therapeutics, a developer of precision genetic medicines, appear to get this.

That’s even true regarding subtle motion graphics to enhance the user experience. While it may lack some of the more intricate visual elements of other sites, the responsive Beam Therapeutics site is equally suited for desktop and mobile.

Using color gradients in the background doesn’t detract from the copy’s readability, which is written concisely so as not to appear cluttered on smaller, narrower screens. Subtle animations provide a tasteful and pleasant motion as the user scrolls.

Like other sites on this list, users can get most of the company information they seek directly from the logically organized content on the homepage.

8. Bicara Therapeutics


Bicara Therapeutics combines the efforts of teams in both Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Bangalore, India, to develop more meaningful cancer treatments. They combine the precision of targeted therapies with the power of tumor modulators.

The homepage on the Bicara website utilizes a colorful, attention-grabbing hero image for its header. Without the ability to scroll, users are driven to CTAs buttons leading to learning more about the Bicara team and their clinical program.

Their science page highlights the challenges Bicara is looking to solve and outlines their solution with easy-to-understand illustrations.

Meanwhile, the pipeline page’s infographic details their progress while featuring the recognizable logos of trial sites that utilize their solution.

9. CELLTREAT Scientific Products


CELLTREAT takes pride in manufacturing high-quality laboratory plastic consumables and providing them at a lower cost than its competitors.

The CELLTREAT website immediately stands out with its fun and unique character illustrations sprinkled throughout the pages. Easy top bar navigation and search bar allow users to navigate the site and identify the products they’re looking for.

Their downloadable support materials make them thought leaders and a resource for professionals using their products.

Multiple contact forms allow users to choose what they are contacting CELLTREAT for, allowing for an easier communication experience for both the user and CELLTREAT.

10. Decibel Therapeutics


Decibel Therapeutics seeks to develop treatment options for hearing loss and balance disorders, which are among the most neglected areas in medical research. They are dedicated to discovering and developing transformative treatment options.

The Decibel Therapeutics website provides informational content that outlines the need for hearing loss and balance disorder treatments, details their approach to treatment development, and provides insights regarding their current efforts.

They also feature pages specific to both patients and families, and investors. This allows for creating better-tailored content for different audiences, improving user engagement on the website.

11. Fractyl Health


Pioneering a new approach to treating Type 2 diabetes, Fractyl Health is an organ-editing metabolic therapeutics company to transform treatment with therapies that target the organ-level causes of the disease.

With a mission-driven team of innovators, Fracytl looks to eradicate type 2 diabetes and develop new, ground-breaking treatment options.

Their homepage draws you in with a well-written header and beautiful illustrations. As the user scrolls the homepage, they are directed to learn more about type 2 diabetes and various treatment options.

Their simplified top-bar navigation, without drop-downs, provides an efficient UX with information-focused pages and high-quality images.

Fracytl features targeted pages for patients and healthcare providers, which allows them to better tailor content to prospective audiences and provide relevant information and conversion points for each.

12. HilleVax Inc


Located in Boston, MA, HilleVax focuses on developing and commercializing novel vaccines on a global scale.

HilleVax’s website has a modern look, with a homepage featuring engaging and relevant statistics to draw the user in.

With the primary purpose of delivering information to the user, the website features easily navigable pages with scannable content, avoiding the dreaded walls of text.

13. Imvax


The expert leadership team at Imvax uses their years of experience to focus on developing and commercializing therapies used to target solid tumors. With personalized, tumor-derived immunotherapies, they seek to turn the complexity of a solid tumor against itself.

The Imax website uses a hero video on its homepage, highlighting their labs and the science behind their efforts. As the user scrolls down the homepage, they find helpful CTAs directing them to learn more about the science at Imvax and their pipeline.

Their science and pipeline pages feature beautiful scientific illustrations and helpful, easy-to-digest infographics that help convey Imvax’s Goldspire platform and its advantages.

Drop down for both the Our Science and Our Pipeline pages feature jump links, allowing the user to navigate to specifically what they’re looking for on each page without needing to scroll manually.

14. Invetx


Invetx is a biotechnology company building the premier platform for protein-based therapeutics in animal health. Utilizing their experienced R&D industry leaders, they aim to develop new therapies and raise the bar for the standards of veterinary care.

Invetx utilizes a consistent style of illustration and color scheme that helps tie its branding in with each piece of content on its website. Users are directed to learn more about their industry and to the Invetx blog, where they can find a wealth of information.

15. LuminUltra


LuminUltra is a biological diagnostic testing company that is a global leader in developing tests and reagents for environmental, industrial, and diagnostic monitoring.

The company recently upgraded its online presence to respond to greatly increased traffic after becoming a key supplier of COVID-19 clinical testing supplies to the Canadian government and to promote other key product developments.

The website hero image features a CTA button encouraging visitors to learn more about the LuminUltra technology. This leads users to content that details the many features and benefits of the platform.

LuminUltra’s solutions pages help users identify how the technology can be utilized for more specific situations and different types of monitoring and testing.

Webinars and blog posts allow users to learn more and stay on top of recent LuminUltra developments.

16. MatTek Life Sciences


For 25 years, MatTek has been a leader in the vitro and life sciences. Their skin, ocular, oral, respirator, and intestinal tissue models have been used by many different industries to ensure safety and efficacy, with the goals of reducing testing costs and providing human-relevant results.

Over the years, MatTek has expanded into a whole life science company with diverse offerings for clients seeking vitro solutions. With unmatched expertise in the field of vitro science, MatTek can guide its clientele to more reliable testing results through its services.

With eye-catching colors in the header of their home page, users are encouraged to scroll deeper, learning more about the company, their offerings, and the industry leaders they have worked with.

Prominent CTA buttons allow for a logical flow, directing users to find exactly what they’re looking for, with categories split between tissue models, primary cells & media, and cultureware.

Product and service pages feature a wealth of information, with downloadable content, infographics, valuable insights, and easy points of contact.

17. Minerva Neurosciences, Inc.


Minerva Neurosciences is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on developing product candidates for treating central nervous system (CNS) diseases.

With a depth of expertise, the Minerva team has identified and acquired, or in-licensed, development-stage proprietary compounds that they believe are innovative mechanisms of action against CNS diseases.

With a globally recognized specialist team, Minerva Neurosciences looks to transform patients’ lives with improved therapeutic options.

The Minerva Neurosciences website features easy-to-navigate pages that convey their areas of focus, treatment programs and relevant publications.

The contact page provides various contact methods, including phone numbers, email addresses, and a simple contact form.

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18. OpenClinica


OpenClinica offers leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies, CROs, academic institutions, and government agencies the foundational clinical data management tools they need, with innovative, next-generation technology to drive the future of digital clinical trials. Their solutions empower data managers, clinical researchers, and study participants by enabling more efficient clinical research through smart clinical data management and automation.

The hero image on the OpenClinica website features an image of the platform, driving the user to learn more about their solutions with a prominent CTA button.

Top bar navigation with drop-downs allows users to identify exactly what they are looking for, with pages tailored to specific solutions, services, and resources.

OpenClinica positions itself as an industry thought leader, providing a wealth of different types of content, from downloadable eBooks to infographics.

The primary CTA on the OpenClinica website is clearly defined on every page. The “Free Trial” button remains visible as users explore the site, leading to a simple contact form.

19. Phathom Pharmaceuticals


Phantom Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on developing and commercializing new treatments for gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.

Phantom has completed two Phase 3 trials to treat H. pylori infection and erosive GERD and is currently running a Phase 3 trial studying daily dosing therapy for patients with non-erosive reflux disease (NERD).

Users are greeted on the homepage with a colorful hero image and prominent CTA image, leading them to learn more about Phantom Pharmaceuticals. If a user chooses to continue scrolling on the homepage, they can continue to learn more about the company and the industries they serve and find investor resources.

20. Pinteon Therapeutics


Pinteon Therapeutics looks to maintain brain health in those who have sustained brain injuries or neurodegenerative diseases by interrupting the spread of toxic tau.

The lack of scrollability on the website and the simplified navigation options allow for an easy user experience, allowing one to locate and identify the content they’re seeking easily.

Pinteon utilizes its website to detail the approach behind its development of neural health therapies and the different types of brain injury and disease, with illustrations and information.

Featuring current news, interested parties can stay up-to-date with the latest developments and press releases from the Pinteon team.

21. Pretzel Therapeutics


Through their deep understanding of mitochondrial biology, Pretzel Therapeutics looks to develop new, groundbreaking therapies. Pretzel’s platform utilizes an array of approaches in developing therapeutics, harnessing the intricacies of mitochondrial biology to treat disease.

Their unique navigation follows the user as they navigate the homepage. Upon clicking, the menu opens a sidebar, allowing users to explore deeper into the website.

Pretzel Therapeutics’ content allows users to learn more about the science behind their research, their pipeline, and mitochondrial diseases in general.

Interested parties are encouraged to send an email on their contact page for questions or inquiries regarding the partnership.

22. Sensei Bio


Sensei Biotherapeutics looks to tilt the immune system against cancer by better understanding and selectively to interact with the tumor microenvironment. Their team has played important roles in driving treatment programs to clinical studies and developing some of the world’s leading immuno-oncology drugs.

The Sensei Biotherapeutics home page features slick animation in the hero, with a CTA driving the user to learn more about their approach. The attention to design and branding, with a focus on clean UX, is present throughout the website.

From there, users can learn more about the important work that Sesei does, along with viewing presentations and publications from their team.

Their website also conveys Sensei’s current pipeline, as well as features updated news and events that are relevant to their investors.

23. Volastra Therapeutics


Volastra is working to provide life-saving cancer therapies using its proprietary CINtech platform. With their tools focused on chromosomal instability, or CIN, Volastra looks to revolutionize how cancer is treated.

With only a large hero image, Volastra has a relatively unique home page design. Without content, website users are driven to explore other pages on the website through simple, top-bar navigation.

Focusing on informational content, their Platform and Pipeline pages feature attractive illustrations and infographics that allow the user to dive deeper into therapeutic efforts.

It’s Time to Update Your Biotech Website’s Design

We hope that you’ve checked out some of the listings on our best biotech websites list. From consistent branding to user-friendly design, plenty of takeaways can be applied to your biotech web design refresh!

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