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A B2B Website Redesign Strategy That Learns Over Time

Year after year, your competitors are sharpening their skills and getting closer to your customers. Your website redesign strategy might help...

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Adapt or Die: A Future-Proof Website is a Fool’s Errand

"Future-proof websites" are fun to imagine, but the reality is, your website should change and grow as quickly as your business.

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Time To Celebrate 3 Media Web’s 20th Anniversary! 🥂

As 3 Media Web embarks on its 20th year in existence, I can’t help but find myself thinking, “Where has...

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SEO & Web Design: 8 Must-Do’s During a Web Redesign

Want to get your website on Google search results? Use these 8 SEO & web redesign best practices--including SEO for mobile.

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How We Turned Analytical Lab Group’s Website Goals Into Reality

Analytical Lab Group (ALG), a specialty contract lab space had specific website goals that required the help of 3 Media Web.

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How We Helped Hamill Galleries Reimagine The Art Gallery Website

Hamill Galleries, in Massachusetts, has been collecting art for decades. They needed an art gallery website that reflected their collection. 

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How We Helped LPRS With A Website Redesign & Optimized Customer Journey Map

When LPRS came to 3 Media Web, they needed a design refresh and an optimized customer journey for its corporate website.

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Best Practices To Update Website Content During A Redesign

Updating website content is a BIG part of a website redesign. Follow these best practices to make sure your website copy is perfect.

Web Design

How To Future Proof Your Website

Worry less about your website becoming outdated in the future by taking simple steps to future proof your website now. We'll show you how.

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Edgy Website Design Examples: Modern UI Patterns for 2020 & Beyond

Deciding on a website design is hard. Do you want it to be flashy or subtle? Artsy? Classic? We vote for edgy designs that demand attention.

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3 Media Web Transformed Union Installations Outdated Website Design

How 3 Media Web helped an office furniture installation company transform their outdated website design into a professional online platform.

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4 Visual Elements Your Website UX Needs To Get Right

Visual elements make or break a user experience. They're all important, but here are the four your web design definitely needs to get right.

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