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We’re experts in designing and building websites on WordPress, known as “the marketer’s platform.”

You won’t find any off-the-shelf WordPress templates in our design shop. We custom design every page and site to fit your brand and power your business goals.



Web Design

Custom Website Design Vs Web Design Templates

I always thought I excelled at interior design until I became a homeowner. The foundation was already there when I...

Web Design

Breaking Down Website Accessibility and Color Contrast

Recently my partner and I repainted our apartment and while selecting colors, what appeared green to me was sage to...

Web Design

23 Best Biotech Website Designs for 2023

Amongst the best biotech companies in the industry, it’s important to have a modern, user-friendly website. We’ve compiled a list...

Web Design

Baking Diversity, Accessibility, and Equity into Your Inclusive Design Process

If you own an e-commerce website, create online content, or use it to connect with your target audience, it’s smart...

Web Design

2023 Web Design Trends: Scrollytelling, Integrated 3D, Innovative Animation & More!

It’s that time of the year again! Every new year brings new trends, newer learnings, and renewed opportunities. It’s a...

Web Design

10 Resources to Get You Started with Inclusive Web Design

Inclusive web design blends web best practices and standards on website accessibility to create a design that works for everyone.

Web Design

Edgy Website Design Examples: Modern UI Patterns for 2022 & Beyond

Deciding on a website design is hard. Do you want it to be flashy or subtle? Artsy? Classic? We vote for edgy designs that demand attention.

Web Design

How Website Wireframes Help You Design a Smarter Site

Find out how website wireframes can help your website design process, and your teams, build smarter websites with better bones.

Web Design

Digital Experience Principles to Evolve Your Website Design

Keep your website up to date and react to the changing landscape of digital experience design with these tips from 3 Media Web.

Web Design

A B2B Website Redesign Strategy That Learns Over Time

With the right tools & healthy flow of data, tracking customer behaviors on website means painting a clear picture of who your customers are.

Digital Marketing

Adapt or Die: A Future-Proof Website is a Fool’s Errand

"Future-proof websites" are fun to imagine, but the reality is, your website should change and grow as quickly as your business.

Life at 3 Media Web

Time To Celebrate 3 Media Web’s 20th Anniversary! 🥂

Looking back at the first version of 3 Media Web’s logos and website, you can see for yourself just how different the internet looked back then.

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