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We’re experts in designing and building websites on WordPress, known as “the marketer’s platform.”

You won’t find any off-the-shelf WordPress templates in our design shop. We custom design every page and site to fit your brand and power your business goals.



Case Studies

How We Helped LPRS With A Website Redesign & Optimized Customer Journey Map

When LPRS came to 3 Media Web, they needed a design refresh and an optimized customer journey for its corporate website.

Web Design

Best Practices To Update Website Content During A Redesign

Updating website content is a BIG part of a website redesign. Follow these best practices to make sure your website copy is perfect.

Web Design

How To Future Proof Your Website

Worry less about your website becoming outdated in the future by taking simple steps to future proof your website now. We'll show you how.

Case Studies

3 Media Web Transformed Union Installations Outdated Website Design

How 3 Media Web helped an office furniture installation company transform their outdated website design into a professional online platform.

Web Design

4 Visual Elements Your Website UX Needs To Get Right

Visual elements make or break a user experience. They're all important, but here are the four your web design definitely needs to get right.

ADA Compliance

User Empathy & Compassionate Designing For Better UX

Compassionate design stems from user empathy. It’s makes human-centered UX design look elegant and function on a high level. Here's how...

Web Design

Brand Unity Starts With Cohesive & Consistent Web Design

Businesses need to pay attention to their brand unity strategy. In this article you'll learn how websites plays a role in brand cohesion.

Web Design

Website Traffic Declining? Here’s How to Fix That

Traffic dips not just a fluke? it's time to analyze the problem and fix it. Here's how to diagnose and cure your website traffic downfalls.

Web Design

3 Media Web Helped Iotics Simplify Complex Offerings With A Fresh Web Design

How 3 Media Web helped a digital twin technology firm, Iotics, with a user-friendly website design and Salesforce integration.

Web Design

An Emerging Leader in Mobile Telecommunications: Parallel Wireless

3 Media Web created a website that sets the stage for Parallel Wireless to re-introduce itself to the industry.

Web Design

Small Web Design Changes Can Make a Big Difference

There are a lot of seemingly small web design changes that can make a big difference in your website’s appearance and effectiveness.

Web Design

Discovery Phase: The Key to Success in Our Web Projects

There are 6 big reasons why a discovery phase is important to your website development project. Learn more before starting your next project.

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