3MW Helps A Wireless Real Estate Consulting Company With A Web Redesign & Domain Change

Quick Summary: 3 Media Web coordinated the domain name update on the launch date and performed one last quality assurance test to ensure everything looked great.

Wireless Realty Advisors (WRA) provides wireless real estate consulting services to cell phone companies and commercial real estate owners. WRA has been operating for more than 15 years helping their clients with acquisitions, development, and consulting. See how you can refresh your website using the same strategy that worked for WRA. 

The Challenge: Build Brand Distinction & Provide Information On Their Services

Wireless Realty Advisors recently contacted us with a need for a new website. The site they had been using had become outdated—the old content and design were in need of a refresh. 

On top of that, the aging site featured an unfortunate bug that caused the main image of the website to not appear at times. (Oh no!)

All that considered, WRA knew a website refresh could help them tackle a couple of main priorities that their old site wasn’t doing much to improve.

WRA wanted their new website to:

  • distinguish themselves from their competitors
  • providing their clients with additional information about their services and offerings

In addition, the client wanted to use the opportunity of a website refresh to launch the site on a new domain name and email address. Plus, the client also requested we create a new logo for them to top off the new look and feel of the site.

The 3 Media Web Solution: Build A Fast, Bug-Free Website

We started this project, just like all of our projects, with a discovery phase. During discovery, we were able to connect with WRA and learn more about their unique situation. After gathering the details of where they were and what they needed, we were able to move into the design phase. 

We continued to work closely with our client during the design phase, having them leave feedback on our designs and, ultimately, make decisions about color choices, different fonts, and the overall layout of the website.

Although the design WRA had originally approved needed to be changed after its approval, 3 Media Web Project Manager, Jenny Dubinsky, and the rest of the team were able to quickly recreate a new homepage that WRA  loved right out of the gate. 

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

As part of the collaborative process, the client wrote all new content, except the homepage. 3 Media Web came up with the homepage content based on the internal page content per request of the client due to the last-minute design changes.

We also worked together to come up with new images to use.

As a finishing touch and to set the project up for success, we updated all of the out-of-date details on their Google My Business page with the latest information including the URL of their website.

The Results: A Website Refresh To Be Proud Of

After about four months of work, the new website was ready. 3 Media Web coordinated the domain name update on the launch date and performed one last quality assurance test to ensure everything looked great and the website was using the new email address.

As a result, WRA can now be proud to show potential clients a modern website with more precise and up-to-date content, free of any pesky and inconsistent bugs like their old website.

The new Wireless Realty Advisors site loads lightning fast and has the benefit of a new, easy-to-remember domain name.  In addition, the new domain name is easier for clients to remember.

As we continue to monitor the site’s metrics, we fully expect WRA to see increased page visits due to the technical SEO improvements our team made in addition to updated, keyword-rich content.

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