Company Culture Makes a Difference. Happy Employees = Happy Clients

At 3 Media Web, one of our biggest assets is our team! We may be a bit biased, but we pride ourselves on our great relationships with each other and our clients. We truly believe that a happy team = happy clients.

The 3 Media Web Culture

What makes us different? Our culture. We are an agency that puts a huge emphasis on work-life balance. We back this up with our flexible time-off policy, two weeks of annual company-wide shutdowns, and half-day Fridays during summer. We even get our birthdays off! These are just a few of the perks available to our employees.

Burnout Does NOT Equal Success

A burnt-out employee cannot produce high-quality work, and our leadership team knows this. We want to be the best we can be for our clients. This starts with having a great culture.

Our accomplishments are proven with our highly successful projects and all of the awards we have received over the years, most notably the Inc. 5000. Again, a happy team = happy clients!

A Community Driven by Respect

When you work with 3 Media Web, you are working with a community that truly respects and cares about one another. Leadership guides us, but feedback does not always come from the ‘top-down.’ We are encouraged to address feedback with one another first, rather than sending it up the chain of command. This creates a culture of trust and understanding amongst colleagues.

We rely on each other to fill in when needed, we help each other, and we have cultivated a strong sense of community support, thus creating a better atmosphere for everyone. We do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it, and we are empowered to manage our own time and resources.

We Hire for Culture Fit

Like any agency, we hire based on skill level. However, we take extra care during the interview process to ensure we are hiring the right person to fit our culture and join the community that we’ve created here. We share the same goals and celebrate our group and individual victories with one another. We give praise and kudos publicly and privately and make sure everyone knows who is awesome. Spoiler alert, every team member has received some sort of recognition.

We Are the Company We Wish We Could Work With

We know clients can tell when a vendor or agency has it together. We support our clients with more than work – we provide learning, friendship, and gifts or cards for special occasions and milestones.

Web Solutions Architect, Anthony Urato, said it best:

We are the company we wish we could work with!” 

When you have a team of people who are happy, well-rested and feel supported, you have a team that can do anything. Digital experience optimization is hard work, requiring a lot of knowledge. This knowledge is best used when you have optimal brain power.

Want to try working with us to support, build, design, or grow your business website? We’re here to help! Reach out today to start your next project. 

We Optimize Our Brain Power 

How do we optimize our brain power? By taking time away from work to gain fresh perspectives. Having time to sleep, exercise, and enjoy time with our family and friends improves our brain function. This is good news for our clients because it allows us to hone and develop our creativity so we can use it in our work.

What Does Our Team Say?

At 3 Media Web, we aim to keep our team intact by providing a great culture. And it works! Here’s what some of our wonderful team members have to say about working at 3 Media Web.


  • “When I started at 3 Media Web, I was pretty sure this job would be my forever job… four months into it, I’m absolutely certain it will be. I cannot think of a better place to do what I do!” ––Monta May, Web Support Representative


  • “I have never worked for such a wonderful company. We lift each other up and understand that life is just as important as work! I want to do a great job because I am treated with respect and kindness. 3 Media Web is stuck with me, forever.” ––Sarah Surprenant, Project Manager


  • “3 Media Web is the most transparent and supportive company I’ve ever worked for. I’ve learned so much during my time here. It continues to improve because the whole team works together to make the company, our clients, and each other better every day.” –– Ben Duchesney, Digital Strategist


  • “I knew from the day I started at 3 Media Web that this place was different. There is a different energy, a different vibe that keeps us all connected.  My primary goal was to help move the company forward, to make an impact.  I quickly realized that success would come by simply empowering the incredible team that we have. The team steps up every day, in every way, and I am grateful for that.” ––Mary Novick, Chief Financial Officer


  • “I truly feel blessed having found 3 Media Web 8 years ago. We’ve grown so much and have evolved and adapted along the way. I never feel that I’m on my own; the team is so supportive of each other and always willing to lend a helping hand. In addition, professional growth or even a new position in the company is achievable – I am proof of that! I would love to retire from 3 Media Web one day. There is nowhere else I would rather be.” ––Jenny Mills, Account Manager


Cultivating a Community 

We have cultivated a community at 3 Media Web, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I know my colleagues feel the same way. In the agency world, 3 Media Web is truly a unicorn of love and understanding.

Our community is filled with kind, creative visionaries, and we work with amazing clients who understand this. Our clients are an enthusiastic part of our growing community! These relationships allow us to do great work time and again. We may be a small company, but the impact of our work is mighty.

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