3 Media Web Helped a Local Chamber of Commerce Upgrade Their Old Website Design

Quick Summary: As a result of the improved messaging and user experience, visitors are spending more time on the website overall.

The Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC) has been driving business exchange and progress in the Metro-West Boston Region since 1924, long before they even needed to think about a website design. 

MRCC members are a diverse assembly of local business owners and representatives. The MRCC is dedicated to providing opportunities for growth through legislative advocacy, educational programs, and other valuable resources to area businesses.

The Challenge: Redesign An Outdated Website After Rebranding

Several years ago, the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce introduced a new leadership team and began rebranding itself. As all the new and exciting changes occurred, the MRCC’s website design was neglected and began aging. 

This resulted in a couple of challenges for MRCC in regards to modernizing its website.

Challenge 1: Update the site design with new MRCC branding

Because MRCC wasn’t able to update its website regularly, the new branding was never added to it. 

Naturally, one of our priorities became incorporating the new MRCC branding into the new website design we would be creating for them.

Challenge 2: Website redesign featuring an improved user experience

As we mentioned, the old MRCC website had not been aging very well. 

Because the site was older and had outdated content, it gave the impression that the chamber was no longer active. As a result, people weren’t visiting the site. 

The overall user experience needed improvements to reflect MRCC’s active membership in the surrounding community and demonstrate the same level of professionalism the chamber is known for.

The Solution: 

One of the first steps we took in the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce website redesign project was to connect with the client and know their business needs and goals.

It was a pleasure working with the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce team on their website refresh. It was truly a coordinated effort between both teams. 

Mike St. Jean, Technical Services Manager, 3 Media Web

3 Media Web website met with MRCC representatives to determine the key items they wanted on their homepage. 

From there, Jon was able to work on work out the best placement for each of the items, which included:

  • Member registration drives for events
  • Support of local businesses in the chamber
  • And opportunities for visitors to learn more about MRCC

After three weeks of discovery and design, development began on the new MRCC website. During this time, 3 Media Web and MRCC also worked together to clean up some of the content, ensuring it was as fresh and relevant as the newly rebranded chamber.

As with all our projects, we wrapped it up with in-depth quality assurance. This enables us to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with the work we’ve done together. 

The site’s usability, functionality, aesthetics, and user experience are tested during quality assurance.

Many thanks to you and your team for the time and effort against this initiative. Could not be more proud and excited for our members to get this new resource that we commit to making very special from a value offering.

Robert Schlacter, President and CEO, Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Results: A Thoughtful Redesign Leads To Demonstrably Improved Metrics

The MRCC homepage after the modern website design project by 3 Media Web.

The new design Jon came up with delivered an improved hierarchy in the messaging. The site’s hierarchy is important to guide site visitors to key areas and, in this case, work to increase participation in the chamber.

Jon’s designs were very effective in doing so.

As a result of the improved messaging and user experience, visitors are spending more time on the website overall.  

When comparing data from the month following the launch of the redesigned website to data collected a year ago for the old site, we see a lot of positive results. 

For example:

Increased User Sessions

We’ve recorded a 17.05% increase in the total number of sessions on the redesigned site, compared to the old site last year at the same time. This shows us that people are returning to the site more than ever before.

Increased Sessions Duration & Page Views

A drastic improvement in session duration has also been a result of the redesign. In fact, the average session duration on the new MRCC website is up 39.27% from the former design. 

Additionally, the number of pages viewed per session is up 6.53%.

This is all thanks in large part to the improved user experience of the new site design.

Increased Participation & Member Advertising Sales

Although the new site has just launched, we expect to see results regarding participation and collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce. 

Event sign-ups are expected to rise thanks to the new design of the homepage, which does a better job of highlighting key events MRCC is hosting.

Furthermore, member advertising is also expected to increase since member ads clicks are now being tracked and better presented on the homepage.

Easy To Update Interface & Goal Tracking

The work 3 Media Web completed for Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce made the site easier for those updating it. 

Now, MRCC can create well-designed pages on the fly using the built-in front-end page builder included in the updated theme.

With the launch of the new site, we also started tracking goals in Google Analytics. This will allow MRCC the ability to gauge the success of its promotion efforts further.

Get The Results You Are Looking For With A Website Redesign

Since the launch of the redesigned Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce website, our partnership has continued to grow. Especially with an increase of online events brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. 

We are looking forward to our continued collaboration with the MRCC.

We appreciate your patience and guidance. Thanks to the team members who worked on the committee to make this a reality. It feels like we have definitely arrived and are poised to assist our members to network, refer and grow! Looking forward to doing some fun and creative things with this upgrade!!!

– Robert Schlacter, President and CEO, Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce

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