New Cryoservices Website Launch: Xytex

Xytex is a global provider of innovative cryoservices and the expertise needed to fulfill their patients’ dreams of starting or growing a family. Xytex offers storage of blood and other body tissue in addition to its donor sperm program. The Xytex corporate headquarters are located in Augusta, Georgia, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and New Brunswick, NJ. The rebranded and completely overhauled Xytex website conveys a wealth of information in an easy-to-navigate user interface. Individuals seeking information and patients or healthcare professionals can log in to create a free account and benefit from the various features and capabilities of the site.

Xytex Cryoservices

Integrated Information, Easily Accessible

The former Xytex website was outdated and possessed a disjointed integration into their back-office system that managed all key areas of their business. 3 Media Web created a CMS system that is tied into the back office. The site includes donors, recipients, and offspring to post profiles and communicate like those on a social media site. Individuals can search on physical attributes and save their search criteria. The HOME page invites visitors to search on or download donor profiles, customize their own search, and receive new donor notifications. Another feature is their highlighted donor of the month, with many details that go beyond physical attributes.

Patient Resources to Inform and Educate

The Donor Screening Process and Donor Options are explained in detail, and there are separate sections for patients in Canada and the United Kingdom. Fertility Resources are included, as well as full pricing information.


A Robust Search Function with Advanced Features

To improve the site experience for patients and prospects, 3 Media Web developed:

  • Search and Save features in a free account with an alert function when new donors matching search criteria are available.
  • Basic searches selecting a variety of physical attributes, including hair color, eye color, and race
  • Advanced options including ethnic origin, religion, blood type, height, weight, genetic testing, medical history updates, occupation, age, personality, and interests
  • The ability to limit the search results display by several conditions, including whether a donor message or photo is available.

Xytex Cryo

Integration Behind the Scenes

To integrate the internal processes and achieve the client’s vision for their website, 3 Media Web worked with Xytex to create a new interface to their member and customer tools and dashboard, enabling users to:

  • Register, search and manage their relationship with Xytex
  • Navigate the website easily

3 Media Web combined several very different and customized technical components into one user interface using the latest technology to organize a large volume of complex information.  Building the new website on top of WordPress, 3 Media Web provided a robust CMS for the client to manage their website.

The new Xytex website is easy-to-navigate and mobile responsive and educational, engaging, and sensitive.  We met our client’s deadline for completion, taking only six months to design, build, implement, QA, and execute a successful launch.

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