“Our Website Is Like a Member of Our Team”: How Vantage PR Revamped Its Website

For most companies, the No. 1 sales tool is their website. That’s true for communications company Vantage PR, says Kevin Kailath, the company’s digital marketing manager. “Our website is a major asset for us for acquiring new marketing leads and clients. We treat it really seriously. As one of the first touch points our potential customers have before they talk to us, it’s like a member of our team.”

Vantage PR wasn’t unhappy with its website, but the company definitely felt that it could be much better. The team had a lot of ideas about how to improve the website and they were looking to collaborate with a firm who could guide their ideas into a finished product. That’s where 3 Media Web came in.

Patience Through Different Versions

Vantage PR wanted to optimize its website and make it the company’s best-performing sales tool. “We definitely viewed the reincarnation of our website as a way to expand the other parts of our marketing program.” But there was a challenge: The agency has about 30 senior-level management members who were heavily involved in specific stages of this project. “The values and style of the highest executives required very clear communication among all of us,” Kalaith says, which required going back and forth through several iterations of possible designs.

“It was easy to get into loops, but 3 Media Web did something phenomenal for us,” Kalatih says. “Their ability to work through iterations and do it very patiently was incredible. 3 Media Web did it with the utmost patience.” After going back and forth and working to find a design that worked for everyone, 3 Media Web helped the company establish a new blog, with new downloadables and calls to action that all integrated with email and content marketing for a cohesive marketing effort. 3 Media Web also helped the company rebrand their Pardot landing pages to match the new website.

In addition, 3 Media Web built a customized back end on WordPress to streamline the website and make it easier for Vantage PR staff to make changes when they wanted to. Finally, 3 Media Web trained Vantage PR’s marketing staff to maintain and work with the new site, and provides ongoing support.

Getting Buy-In from Everyone

Kailath says the high-touch attention Vantage PR got made the process go quickly and smoothly. He especially appreciated the weekly calls with 3 Media Web that kept the company up to speed on how the project was progressing. “We’re an agency ourselves, so we like to look for vendors that work with a similar set of values,” Kailath says. “We looked at those calls and results as a commitment to their proactivity.”

3 Media Web’s flexibility and communication made everything go smoothly, Kailath says. “They had a genuine interest in the well-being of our decision-making, helping us identify the best route for us.”


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