3 Media Web Helped Iotics Simplify Complex Offerings With A Fresh Web Design

Quick Summary: Together with Iotics, we decided on a monochromatic color scheme that featured shades of blue that reinforce the ideas of uniformity and simplicity.

What to do when you need a website design on an express timeline? You follow Iotic’s lead and contact us at 3 Media Web. Our experts helped Iotics, a digital twin technology and digital ecosystem enablement company, overhaul their website while working on tight deadlines.

Here’s how we did it:

Working Against The Clock

In a perfect world, web designers would always have the luxury of working with a generous timeframe. Unfortunately, that isn’t always a possibility. For example, we had to nail down a new design for the Iotics website in just three weeks. 

And if that wasn’t a tall enough order, we had the added challenge of the Iotics team being spread across two continents. As you can imagine, such drastic time differences can make communication a bit more challenging!

However, when working on such a time crunch, good designers will hit the ground running to ensure timely and high-quality results. And that’s exactly what the 3 Media Web team did.

Accelerated Discovery

Before the website design could start, the first thing we did was talk with the client to get a strong understanding of their company, brand, requirements, and wants. We consulted with Iotics Vice President of Marketing, Kathy Repuccici during this time. Reppucci had just come to Iotics from IBM to help Iotics reposition themselves. 

Her vision for Iotics was clearly defined: she wanted the new website to be very unified and uniform. Because Iotics industry is so difficult to explain, she knew their website would need to be extremely simplified. Additionally, Iotics wanted to integrate Salesforce on their new website. 

Next, we pored over the Iotics website to assess it’s strengths and weaknesses. 

During this discovery phase, we were able to establish that the Iotics website design was a bit too minimal and somewhat outdated. We knew just how to fix it.

From Minimal To Modern Website Design

An image of new Iotics homepage after the 3 Media Web website design project.

As a result of the discovery phase, we were able to plan out everything that needed to be done and create a timeline to work from. Our designers went to work on concepts and layouts, which the client quickly gave us feedback during our regular meetings.

When the final design was approved by Iotics, the 3 Media Web team came up with a content organization strategy, which aided Iotics in the timely delivery of fresh content and images to our team.

Midway through the project, it was announced Iotics would be undergoing a rebrand from their former Iotic Lab branding. 

One of the ways we helped the rebrand was by refreshing the color palette of their website design. Together with Iotics, we decided on a monochromatic color scheme that featured shades of blue that reinforce the ideas of uniformity and simplicity. 

Iotics Has A Fresh Look and Increased Sales Leads

Thanks in part to the experience of the 3 Media Web team, Iotics is enjoying the successes of a fresh new look and better performing website. Over time, it is expected Iotics will see an increase in sales leads as a result of our work. In addition, an increase in follow-ups and form submissions are expected.

Our collaborative approach to web design projects makes the process enjoyable for the client and ensures all their needs are met. If you are planning a new design for your website, we’d love to lend our expertise to your project. 

Contact us today for a consultation. 

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