Specialty Contract Lab Rebrands with New Fully Integrated Website: Analytical Lab Group

Quick Summary: The site contains a wealth of educational materials that are draws to visit the website and engage the reader, as well as collect important lead information.

Helping to Protect Life ™ is the mission of Analytical Lab Group (ALG) through infection prevention with testing solutions in the antimicrobial, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and healthcare arenas. ALG is an industry leader in the specialty contract lab space with FDA- and EPA-focused laboratories across the United States with facilities in San Francisco CA, Minneapolis MN, and Boston MA.

A Rebranding Challenge and Solution

3 Media Web was tasked with rebranding ALG and their website to coincide with the announcement of the acquisition of three companies into Analytical Lab Group. Content needed to be organized to determine where the information would be positioned into the layout and how text for four companies would be arranged into parent/child relationships of content pieces.

Working with the client’s web design firm in Florida and their content writer, the 3 Media team helped to organize the content during the content entry phase of the project. We selected a Word Press theme that was compatible with the design and could accommodate a robust page builder. This enabled us to integrate specific elements into the new website, such as lead generation forms and a Home page slider.

ALG homepage on desktop and smart phone

Meeting an Unyielding Deadline

The announcement of the acquisition of three companies into the Analytical Lab Group brand was arranged, so the new “from scratch” website that integrated all four companies had to launch on that date. This hard deadline gave the 3 Media Web team just one month to develop and launch the new website.

EU GDPR Compliance

One client concern was that the website be compliant with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which requires all websites to advise the user exactly what data the website maintains regarding cookies saved on the user’s computer. 3 Media Web ensured that the site is GDPR-friendly and it was reviewed and approved by the client’s legal team.

New Functionality

The new ALG website features some new elements that were designed with sales and marketing in mind. 3 Media Web introduced a request form that included gated content, so the website visitor would complete the form and it is submitted directly to the sales force with origination information so that response could be targeted.

request form

One new feature in the Resources section is the Webinars page. Analytical Lab Group presents a webinar on reusable medical device processing validations. A website visitor can register to view the webinar, thereby capturing a lead of an interested party.

Ongoing Marketing Strategy

3 Media Web continues to provide marketing strategies for ALG consistent with its brand and to drive traffic to the website. The site contains a wealth of educational materials that are draws to visit the website and engage the reader, as well as collect important lead information. The content on the site is marketed through a strategic Google ad spend and is monitored closely by 3 Media Web.

The three companies recently acquired by Analytical Lab Group had Search Engine Optimization on their former websites. Each site needed full export and redirection to the specific page on the new integrated site with relevant content. 3 Media Web accomplished this, not by simply redirecting to the Home page, but to the relevant pages of what the reader was searching for.

The Analytical Lab Group project was a veritable case study of building a website that integrated content and links from more than one company into one brand. The announcement of the merger and the launch of their new website met the deadline and exceeded the client’s expectations.

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