Website Launched to Match the Innovation and Excitement of Energy Tech Company: AMSC

Quick Summary: The new AMSC website achieves the client’s most important goal of focusing on the message.

AMSC (American Superconductor) generates the ideas, technologies, and solutions that meet the world’s demand for smarter, cleaner, better energy. The company’s solutions power gigawatts of renewable energy globally and enhance the performance and reliability of power networks in more than a dozen countries. AMSC provides engineering planning services and advanced grid systems, wind turbine electronic controls and systems, and ship protection, propulsion, and power management solutions. For the grid, wind energy, and marine technology, AMSC helps optimize system efficiencies, power quality, and network reliability.

Expressing the Company’s Soul

AMSC’s former website was dense with text and images that lacked the dynamism of the company’s awesome products and services. There was no emotional connection to the reader when explaining how energy moves and gets delivered to individuals and entities, like the US Navy.

The site needed a dramatic overhaul that included streamlined content and photo images that spoke volumes about AMSC’s innovations in technology.

Home Page Video Gallery

The dynamic use of videos produced by Wes Dyson, AMSC’s Marketing Specialist, engage the website reader immediately upon reaching the Home page. The new company tagline: “We don’t generate the energy. We keep it moving” summarizes AMSC’s mission. The reader can click on one of two links within the video gallery to reach the Product page or Resource page or make use of a search box to find just what is needed with one click.

Product Line Simplified in Images and Text

3 Media Web created three product pages to present the product lines distinctively but with continuity in design and content. Together Gridtec, Windtec, and Marinetec demonstrate the company’s capabilities to different constituencies. The design is dramatic and includes vibrant images that resonate with the website visitor. Even when actual project photographs are not allowed, as in the case of government contracts, the site conveys excitement through visual images.

The three product lines are also featured on the primary navigation bar, along with the Investor tab that the client wanted to be sure was emphasized on the new website.

A Link for Investors

A fourth button links to AMSC’s new Investor section, with a template designed to bring cohesion between the website and the NASDAQ investor portal. This robust section includes real-time NASDAQ reporting, Media publications, Events and Presentations, Corporate Governance and Financial information on the company. This organized and simplified approach brings the information to potential investors quickly and efficiently, meeting one of AMSC’s website goals.

Resource Library

It was AMSC’s experience that many people browse their site and find data sheets and other technical information beneficial. The company wanted their web visitors to find the information they need quickly. They also wanted browsers to be able to peruse the site easily. The Resource link within the Home page video gallery enables individuals to select from a list of Data Sheets and Brochures to download and read what interests them. A future project will be for 3 Media Web to create a search tool within the Resource Library.

A Mobile Tool Used Effectively

Keeping with the client’s goal of simplifying the website, 3 Media Web employed a tool used effectively on mobile devices – the “hamburger” menu. A graphic of three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the website links to a drop-down menu that includes a clickable list of All Products; About Us — featuring Careers; and the company’s Mission, Vision, and Values; News of upcoming events; another link to the Resource Library; and a Contact Us form. In addition, there is a Search tool and link to Schedule a Consultation. This “hamburger” menu tool enabled 3 Media Web to pack a lot of information onto the website without compromising the simplicity of design that the client requested.

Demonstrating Global Reach

AMSC is headquartered near Boston, MA and has operations in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. A map graphic on the Contact Us page shows the company’s reach impressively. In addition, the American Flag located in the upper right-hand corner of the website links to a basic plug-in tool that translates the website to Korean or Chinese and achieves another AMSC goal to be able to address their emerging markets and/or partners in their own language on the website.

The new AMSC website achieves the client’s most important goal of focusing on the message. The website design uses the updated message as the centerpiece complemented by engaging, exciting, and dynamic images and overall design. 3 Media Web created a connection between website visitors and AMSC that brings the message front and center to resonate with the company’s distinct markets and potential investors.

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