3 Media Web Helped Rockland Trust Bank Build a Customized Search Tool

Stephanie Fields

Since 1907, Rockland Trust Bank, has been serving communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. They are a full-service bank, providing customers a range of services including banking, wealth and investment planning, insurance services, and more. 

Rockland Trust Bank prides themselves on their dedication to their customers and a strong set of core values. Rockland Trust Bank operates under the idea that the relationships they build with each of their customers is equally important—whether their needs are large, small, old, or new. 

Our Client’s Challenge

Although Rockland Trust Bank was mostly pleased with its website, they wanted to implement a search tool that would make it easy for customers to find different Rockland Trust Bankers. 

They needed the tool to feature a handful of parameters such as Banker name, Banker location, Proximity, and Specialties. However, due to limitations of their content management system, a banking specific CMS called Banno, they were having difficulty implementing a search tool. 

They called on 3 Media Web to aid in developing the tool and launching it to their existing website.

The 3 Media Web Search Tool Solution

For this project, 3 Media Web worked together with the UI/UX designer for Rockland Trust Bank, who had created a clean, sleek design for the search tool. 

Once the Rockland Trust Bank designer was finished with the design phase, they handed the baton to 3 Media Web so we could get to work turning it into a fully functional search tool app on the Rockland Trust Bank website.

“The solution was for 3 Media Web to take the vision of Rockland and execute it, creating a fully functional app that utilized Google Maps API and tied it into a database, able to be managed by the client using a fully functional graphical user interface we developed. – Jon Langberg, Full Stack Designer & Developer at 3 Media Web

3 Media Web built the Find a Banker application as a separate PHP/HTML application. This allowed us to embed the app via an iFrame on the page within Banno. 

As requested by Rockland Trust Bank, we used search parameters such as Banker name, Banker location, Proximity, and Specialties to simplify the search process for visitors to the website.

Additionally, we developed a customized admin dashboard that makes it easier for Rockland Trust Bank’s content manager to enter in banker data and profiles.

Lastly, 3 Media Web implemented Google Analytics to ensure visitor tracking is being maintained and that search tool sessions are carried over to the iFrame. 

The Results

After nine weeks of work, the Rockland Trust Bank website now features a user-friendly search feature. Thanks to the work by Rockland Trust Bank’s UI/UX designer and 3 Media Web, the Rockland Trust Bank website now has an elevated user experience, with a search tool that makes it easier for their customers to find what they are looking for. 

The Find a Banker app is the perfect continuation of the bank’s commitment to nurturing strong relationships with their customers.

To learn more about how 3 Media Web can build a custom solution for your company website, contact one of our team members today. Our experts are here to help.

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