Web Design Stories: Tyrogenex and Xcovery Look For Different But Similar Web Designs

In any group of siblings, one is always going to be older, taller, more outgoing. When 3 Media Web started working with Boston and Florida-based biotech firm Xcovery, its sister company, Tyrogenex, was represented by a small section on the Xcovery website. It was time for Tyrogenex to step out and get its own web presence.

These high-tech biopharma companies are related and share a management team but have separate missions: Xcovery develops next-generation targeted therapeutics for cancer that are safer, more tolerable, and have lower toxicity than existing cancer treatment options. Tyrogenex develops safe and effective targeted therapies for wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) and cancer.

Separate But Similar Biotech Websites

The Tyrogenex website separate but similar Biotech websites. They “needed a whole new facelift,” says Teri Swift, vice president of corporate communications at Tyrogenex. That meant building a new website for Tyrogenex while ensuring it still looked like it was related to Xcovery. “We wanted them to look the same, but to have the visuals be distinctive enough that it was clear they were two separate companies.”

Swift says websites are the “front door” of any company, and it’s essential for high-tech firms to make it clear to visitors what they do as quickly as possible. “We want people gathering information to be aware of what we do, whether that’s fellow pharma companies, other biotechs, investors, patients, or physicians,” she says.

In reaching such a diverse audience, 3 Media Web had to ensure that the images and copy clarified what each company does to each group.

The two website designs have similar elements but clearly define each company through color and images. 3 Media Web worked with the sister companies to develop a variety of image options that quickly establish each company’s audience and purpose.

Finding Clarity in Change

Swift says the project was on a tight turnaround, but everything flowed well. “There were a lot of things going on with the companies at the same time, but we got nothing but support from 3 Media Web,” she says.

One of the internal challenges was getting buy-in from the entire team to move forward on various changes. It can sometimes be difficult to get everyone on the same page with people in both Boston and Florida. “We had a good idea of what we liked but needed approval from the team,” Swift says. 3 Media Web came in and directed a call to get everything decided. “3 Media Web’s assistance was instrumental in getting approval. We did need an unbiased individual to say, ‘here’s what we can do, and here’s what you need to do.’”

One item, for example, was a striking photograph of a woman with bright orange glasses that got pushback from some team members. Swift says Robbie pointed out that it’s not about whether people liked the photo or not, but instead about impact. “It made you remember the site,” Swift says. “A lot of people don’t understand that visual aspect, and he was able to convey that.”

Swift says 3 Media Web also set up custom back-ends on the sites so managers can edit them on their own if needed.

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