Creating a Biopharmaceutical Website for a Brand New Company

The Client

Centessa Pharmaceuticals is a next-generation biopharmaceutical company that aims to reshape the traditional drug development process.

They are a merger of 10 private biotech companies. The team behind each of these companies has each been working on their individual expertise for the last 10 – 20 years. These are the world’s experts in those areas.

The Challenges

When we first connected with our client, they were essentially a brand new company looking to begin putting their brand together.

An important part of this was to start maintaining their online presence as soon as possible, all while discovering the best way to inform the public of who they were, what their mission was, etc…

This ultimately made this a two-phase project, each of which presented its own set of individual challenges.

Launching A Mini-Site at Breakneck Speed

First, our client wanted to launch a mini HTML-based website, and they needed it fast.

How fast?

Three weeks fast! The goal was to have the mini website in place temporarily until a full-featured WordPress site could be launched in phase two.

Design & Develop a Fully-Featured WordPress Site

The second phase challenges included leveraging digital experience optimization to design and develop the entire WordPress site in accordance with our client’s requirements.

During discovery, Centessa Pharmaceuticals informed us they wanted a website that would better inform the public of their work and convert them into believers of their pipeline.

It was also essential to our client that the website portrayed how patient-focused they are. They wanted their website to be a place where patients and their families could come to do their research.

Additionally, as our client has recently entered into an IPO phase, they requested an investment-focused piece be tied into the website.

The Solution

We approached this project by establishing weekly design meetings and discussions with our clients from the start. These weekly meetings continued during both phases of this project.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

This ongoing collaboration contributed to successfully launching the mini-site on time. It also allowed us to pivot quickly to designing the larger WordPress design for our client once the mini-site had launched.

With the HTML mini-site launched, our team shifted focus to the WordPress site.
Impactful First Impressions

We paid particular attention to the homepage, ensuring that it focused on the patients by adding a slideshow format featuring patient-focused photos.

We also added logos of the respective individual companies to the images in the slideshow to contribute to our clients’ branding efforts.

Building Trust in the Centessa Pharmaceuticals Pipeline

For the site’s Pipeline page, we included an outline of their current technologies in progress. The design presents the data and advancement of each technology in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.

Additionally, we designed and developed a Team page featuring the expansive Centessa Pharmaceuticals team, making it easy for patients and their families to familiarize themselves with our client and build trusting relationships.

On the same note, a Centessa Companies page that highlights and defines each of the ten companies that make up Centessa Pharmaceuticals, building an additional avenue of trust and branding.

Rounding out the digital experience optimization, our team built an Investors page that allows easy access to resources for our clients’ shareholders, including a stock ticker, financial information, publications, and more.

The Results

After three months of work, our team launched the WordPress version of the website for our client. After that, we continued working on their final WordPress site for an additional month, fine-tuning parts of the design and direction of the site based on our clients’ changing requirements.

The 3 Media Web team will continue to monitor the site for our client, ensuring it is delivering exceptional customer experience and funneling patients, clients, and investors to the proper avenues.

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