HR and Marketing: Partners Supporting Rapid Growth

The MassTLC CMO and CHRO Peer Community met this month to discuss the CMO/CHRO Axis and Business ImpactIt was a lively discussion, with Skip Maloney, CHRO, Aspen Technology, and Lawrence Schwartz, CMO, Aspen Technology, leading the discussion on the following topics:

  • How do marketing and HR collaborate to create a purpose-driven culture?
  • Where do marketing and HR functions naturally interact in your organization?
  • How should both groups work together around important milestones?

How has COVID made you work together differently around major macroeconomic or workplace trends?

A company’s culture constantly evolves, with new employees and leadership bringing fresh perspectives and energy. So, it comes as no surprise that rapid growth can greatly impact the internal and external brand of the organization. In the midst of fast change, how does a company show people inside and outside the entity who they are and what they care about?

Find Alignment Across All Audiences

There are always different viewpoints, especially when companies are merging or growing. Identifying how to align on fundamental points and determining how to market change is a vital early step in the process. Working together…

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