Brand Positioning So Your Website Both Connects and Converts

Quick Summary: What is brand positioning? Brand positioning shortly and succinctly states your reason for being––your what, how, and why.

Rightly the top goal of most websites is to improve engagement and conversions:

  • Pageviews
  • Average time per page
  • Pages per session
  • Conversion rate
  • Form submissions

But how much focus do you put on the impression left on those who don’t convert? How and why are they bouncing?

And if you have a B2B brand with a long, complex sales cycle and many decision makers and influencers, measuring this impression might be as (or potentially even more) important as those conversion metrics.

They’re coming to your website looking for a reason to believe you can help them with their problem. A reason to believe you are different than the competitors they are also looking at that day. And one click away from moving on somewhere else.

What is your reason?

This is where brand positioning can help.

What is Brand Positioning?

What is brand positioning? Brand positioning shortly and succinctly states your reason for being––your what, how, and why.

  • What you do
  • How you do it different
  • Why it matters

It will speak to the needs of your audience in their language and be different than what competitors are messaging and known for. This is the north star of your brand and business and how you connect.

Brand Positioning Connects You to Your Audience

Positioning is also really about reduction. In addition to saying what you are, you are committing to what you aren’t. Who you are focused on and who you aren’t.

And if you find your brand positioned as the comprehensive solution where you brag about how your breadth of solutions can solve various problems for various industries (snore). In that case, that is the opposite of positioning. You are trying to be all things to everyone, and they will see through you quicker than a cheap suit.

Adding focus to your brand makes your highest-value prospects lean in and want to learn more. You are clearly for them––relevant and credible in your ability to solve their problem differently than competitors.

Build Better Relationships Through Branding

And guess what? This good stuff will help all of those conversion metrics also. Because when you make a meaningful and emotional connection with your prospects, they will want to spend more time understanding all of those rational benefits. They want to believe you can help them.

So make sure your brand positioning is figured out before your start that website project. Or ask your friends at 3 Media Web for help.

With brand positioning, you can deliver a website that connects and converts—running on all cylinders to build your brand and business.


Doug Fox is a proven brand strategist who specializes in crafting sharper and more audience-centric positioning strategies to focus your business on what matters most. Learn more about how a sharper positioning could help your brand and business at

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