ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act) for Accessible Design and why you need it.

The ADA is well known for ushering in the advent of wheelchair ramps and parking spaces for the disabled. But as technology has evolved, so too have the needs of this essential piece of legislation. In 2010, the Department of Justice announced that it intended to adjust the Americans with Disabilities Act to consider how websites should work to accommodate people with disabilities.



ADA Compliance

What is Website Accessibility and Why is it Important for My Website?

Accessibility is important for all of us, whether it pertains to having access to basic day-to-day items like food and...

ADA Compliance

A Beginner’s Guide to Website Accessibility

By making your website accessible, you’re inviting people from all walks of life to engage with you and representing your brand as inclusive. From a business perspective, you are expanding your website user base by being accessible to all, regardless of abilities.

ADA Compliance

Here’s How Accessible Web Design Helps Your Brand, SEO, and Marketing

Accessible web design is the right (and legal) thing to do. But did you know that it helps your digital marketing, too?

ADA Compliance

User Empathy & Compassionate Designing For Better UX

Compassionate design stems from user empathy. It’s makes human-centered UX design look elegant and function on a high level. Here's how...

ADA Compliance

How to Design an ADA Compliant Website [FREE Checklist]

Learn how to design an ADA compliant website to make your website accessible for all, using this free checklist from 3 Media Web.

ADA Compliance

The Cost Of Making Your Website Accessible

A lot depends on the cost of making your website accessible. Find out what variables go into making your site ADA compliant after the jump.

ADA Compliance

What Happens if I Violate the ADA?

There are currently no federally mandated guidelines for website accessibility, but case law is showing what happens if you violate the ADA.

ADA Compliance

Accessibility in Digital Marketing: Be an A11y

1 in 5 Americans, 56 million customers, may need help accessing your content. Learn more about accessibility in digital marketing.

ADA Compliance

The Importance of Web Accessibility (and What You Must Know)

We’re going to dive into some tips that will help you develop a web accessibility focused mindset and how you can make your own site more web accessible.

ADA Compliance

10 Tips for Making Your Website Accessible (What You Need to Know)

Accessibility is a key component of web design. Accessibility for web design focuses on three main areas, learn more...

ADA Compliance

Website Launch for Innovator and Leader in Online Video Accessibility: 3Play Media

3 Media Web collaborated with 3Play Media to ensure that the new website met WCAG’s (Web Content Access Guidelines) legal standards.

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