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Web Maintenance

Why You Should Bake Website Accessibility Into Your Website Design Process

Not only is an accessible web design more inclusive, reaching more people on the internet, but it’s also more likely to be a beautiful design.

Web Maintenance

How to Plan Your Website Launch Strategy

Keep your teams aligned, bringing both your marketing and web development teams together, to launch your new site the right way.

Web Maintenance

How Web Hosting and Support Partners Make Life Easier

When something breaks on your website, how long does it stay broken? A web hosting and support team keeps your online foundation up to date.

Web Maintenance

Develop a Digital Experience Platform That Outperforms

When web teams and marketing teams are centered around the digital experience platform strategy, your website performs better.

Web Maintenance

A Website Maintenance Plan Delivers Stronger Customer Experiences

Nothing ruins an impression like something broken on your website. A website maintenance plan will keep your customer experience shining.

Web Maintenance

What Does the Drupal 7 End of Life Mean for Your Business?

The Drupal 7 End of Life date is coming. What is your next move? Do you upgrade to Drupal 9, or make the change to something different?

Web Maintenance

Effective Website Maintenance and Updates

Regular website updates and maintenance are essential to keep your WordPress site performing. Here are six easy strategies to get it right.

Web Development

Why You Need a Web Support Maintenance Plan for WordPress

A web support maintenance plan from your web design agency keeps your site in its best shape, while you concentrate on building your business

Case Studies

HR Recruitment Services Leader Provides a Customized Search Engine: JazzHR Marketplace

3 Media Web developed the JazzHR Marketplace website with a customized search engine provider based on zipcode, keyword & category.

Case Studies

Website Launch for Leader in Advanced Metal-cutting Machine Tools: Hardinge, Inc.

3 Media Web created an efficient and easy-to-navigate website that unifies multiple brands, conveying the comprehensive story of Hardinge, Inc.

Case Studies

Global Pioneer in Vulnerability Risk Management: NopSec

3 Media Web created a website that meets the client’s goals for usability, functionality, and security in an updated, minimalistic, and dramatic design.

Web Maintenance

GDPR, Google Analytics & You: 5 Steps to Update Your Website (#3 is easier than it sounds)

Confused about GDPR and Google Analytics? This article will help. You'll probably have to make a few small changes to your website.

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