Improve Your Customer Experience to Increase Your Website’s Impact

Quick Summary: Customer Experience helps customers and your business. Improve it through the evolving process of digital experience optimization.

The future of marketing online is focused on the customer experience.

When every core algorithm update by Google pulls data and control out of the hands of advertisers, the only solution is to focus more tightly on customer behavior. Google’s future lies with a greater emphasis on AI and machine learning. Your emphasis should be on the people you serve.

The complete customer experience, from site performance to content, keywords, multimedia (and more), now must come together into one unified digital experience. These components not only impact your website but your bottom line as well.

Find out how it all comes together to deliver more leads and conversions for your business.

Innovate Your Customer Experience Journey

When do website visitors decide to become a lead? How long do your leads take to decide to become a customer? How long do they stay a customer before choosing a competitor? Mapping out the entire customer experience journey, from the first click to a client, will help your teams see gaps in your marketing strategy or website features.

If your typical sales process has been the same for years, it may be time to shake things up. Instead of reaching out to your sales team after someone visits your website, maybe offer some educational content for a softer touch. Look to increase engagement before pitching your services or products. If clients stick around for six months before leaving, try offering a renewal discount at five months if they stay.

Build Performance Optimization Into Your Workflow

The best digital experience is a fast one. Sites that are slow to load or have shifting elements while loading will only frustrate users. User frustration causes drop-off, which means missed opportunities and fewer leads for your business.

Look in Google Search Console at the new Page Experience report for detailed information about your website’s user experience. This includes site speed and digital experience metrics like Cumulative Layout Shift, when elements on the page move upon loading, and Largest Contentful Paint, how long it takes the largest element on the page to load. These metrics make up the Core Web Vitals of your website.

  • Reduce unused Javascript from your website to reduce load time.
  • Lazy load images further down the page to speed up your site.
  • Make sure ads on your website don’t interfere with user behavior.

Make Your Website Stand Out Visually

A stale website design can bore users and cause a high bounce rate. That high bounce rate will impact your page experience metrics and likely cause a drop in organic traffic. Rather than letting your website grow old, keep it on an evolving redesign schedule that keeps up with the latest trends and looks fresh at all times, so it stands out to users.

We’ve redesigned our website from the ground up over eight times. In fact, we’ve recently finished the last version of the 3 Media Web website, with a focus on putting customer experience front and center. Our website stands out visually using interactive elements and new web design trends like a dark mode while remaining focused on drawing leads to help our bottom line.

Customer Experience Helps Your Customers and Your Business

When building your website out for the future, make sure your present is focused on customers. Improve your customer experience through the evolving process of digital experience optimization to increase your website’s impact on your business.

As Google pulls control and data away from your marketing teams, bring together your other teams like web design and web development. A unified strategy, with all teams working as one, a strategy focused on the customer experience, is the only way forward.

Ready to get started? Reach out to 3 Media Web today. We’re here to help.

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