How We Turned Analytical Lab Group’s Website Goals Into Reality

Mike St. Jean

The Client: Analytical Lab Group

The Analytical Lab Group (ALG) are a specialty contract lab space, comprised of FDA and EPA focused laboratories across the United States.

Their Challenge: In Need of a Modernized Design & Updated Messaging

We had worked on a project for Analytical Lab Group in the past, so when it became time to update the messaging and design of their existing site, they reached out to the 3 Media Web team to see how we could help.

This time around, Analytical needed help to restructure their web content. The goal with this portion of the project was to realign the messaging of the content to focus more on the solutions ALG offers rather than the services they provide.

Additionally, ALG provided us with a new design for their Homepage and Solutions pages that they wanted us to implement in order to give their site a modernized look and feel.

The timing of the project also happened to align with their acquisition by Element Materials Technology.

Our Solution: Brings The Clients Ideas To Life

This short and sweet project—3 months from start to finish—with ALG was based on collaboration. The client identified and planned out the solution whereas 3 Media Web executed on the details.

At the start of the project, Analytical Lab Group was able to provide us with the following details:

  • new page template design
  • enhanced web content
  • and a revised site map

From there, 3 Media Web went to work turning the client’s goals into reality. We developed the new pages based on the designs ALG provided, updated the page content according to their liking, and restructured the sitemap based on the revisions they provided us.

During Quality Assurance (QA) we called on our expertise to tweak parts of the design in order to address some issues with scalability we encountered with the original design files.

“What 3 Media Web brings to the table in terms of web development and content management made implementing a solution to the problem as smooth as possible.”

Mike St. Jean, 3 Media Web Project Manager
ALG project image

The Results: Modern Design, Faster Performance, & Targeted Messaging

An immediate effect of the work we put into this project was a modenized homepage in addition to increased site speed. 

Over the long term, these UX/UI changes are expected to bring ALG increased search engine visibility as well as keeping visitors on the site for longer durations. 

Furthermore, the enhanced call-to-actions (CTA) that were added throughout the website will increase downloads of content upgrades such as whitepapers. As a result, it’s expected the client will start acquiring additional leads.

3 Media Web Is Here To Help

From large corporate websites to brick and mortar small businesses, 3 Media Web has the expertise and experience to get the job done.

Contact us today for a consultation on how our award-winning team of web designers, web developers, and digital marketers can work with you to turn your website into your company’s best performing salesman.

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