Get Started with Google Analytics 4 Today

Ben Duchesney

The new Google Analytics 4 will change the way businesses think about marketing to their customers online.

If you haven’t started playing around with Google Analytics 4 yet, now is the time. 

The next generation of Google Analytics still feels limited compared to the original version of Universal Analytics, but GA4 is the future. 

Here’s how to get started:

Start Collecting Data Today

When you create a new Google Analytics 4 property, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s empty of data. The historical data you have in Universal Analytics, the original analytics you already know, won’t be transferred to the new property. 

To retain that historical perspective of what’s happening on your website, start collecting new data as soon as possible. The new setup also restructures that data into the life cycle of your website visitors. Now businesses can better focus on improving the relationship they have with their customers. 

Simplify Your Tracking Strategy 

When it comes to tracking, the new version of Analytics does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. If you ever found your head spinning while adding category, actions, or labels to custom conversion tracking, fear no more. Everything is now considered an event, and the “Enhanced Measurement” automatically creates the most common event tracking for you. 

The most exciting feature of the new GA4 tool is the ability to create insights and predictions, built on artificial intelligence, about your website or your audience. Google is betting the use of predictive AI can fill in the gaps in the data left by the removal of browser cookies.   

Manipulate Your Website, Not Your Audience   

Google’s recent release of FLoC, which stands for Federated Learning of Cohorts, changes the way advertisers target their customers. Instead of stalking individual users around the internet, Google will sort crowds of users into groups of similar behavior, interests, or intent. 

As the internet shifts to protect individual data privacy, marketers are forced to improve their websites, messaging, or even products and services rather than improving their targeting. This is a good thing. Audiences should expect to see better websites focused on helping them, and businesses should be rewarded from that increase in trust online. 

Get Comfortable With The Future of Analytics 

Any new advancements or upgrades to Google’s Analytics tool will happen on GA4 properties. Universal Analytics is likely to get phased out eventually; as Google has started, there will be no further investments into the tool. 

Once you start tracking data (again, set that up today), get comfortable with the new perspective of analyzing cohorts of customers throughout their life cycle with your business. 

Then, let the power of predictive AI grow traffic as you grow your business. 

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