• Tri-Star Design, Inc is an electronic product manufacturer based in Massachusetts. They mainly design electronic products for robotics, medical devices, as well as consumer products. They focus on manufacturing products for clients rather than their own products. This includes everything from the software, to the user interface, as well as the mechanics. 

    What sets Tri-Star apart from the competition is their diverse offerings—they are a turnkey operation that product inventors trust with their creations.

  • Before coming to 3 Media Web, Tri-Star was unhappy with the design of their website. The user experience was lacking which cost them SEO performance. 

    They felt visitors to their site weren’t fully understanding Tri-Star’s product offerings and wanted a website that conveyed that to visitors. Additionally, their site lacked the professional image Tri-Star strives for. 

    Unfortunately, their team was lacking the required level of expertise needed to build out their website and make it successful.

    And that’s when they reached out to 3 Media Web.

  • Over the course of two months, 3 Media Web worked on giving the Tri-Star website a facelift. After performing competitor research, poring over audits, and developing a winning strategy, our team of designers and developers brought the Tri-Star website to all new heights.

    We organized the site structure and page hierarchy with the user in mind, making it easier for them to find the information they’re looking for. We updated the copy and gave their logo a fresh look while we were at it.

    Tri-Star sought out testimonials from their customers to give their page a professional feel that builds trust. Essentially, we redesigned the Tri-Star website so it can become the company’s best performing salesperson.

    As a result, Tri-Star has more leads and conversions to look forward to.

    Want to hear more details on this project? Read the full launch announcement over on our blog.

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