Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies Powered by Digital Marketing

Quick Summary: Focus your digital marketing efforts on not only generating traffic to your website, but turning that traffic into qualified, high-quality leads.

Marketing teams often spend their time trying to increase traffic to their website, but traffic is only the beginning. The real goal is lead generation, turning out high-value qualified leads for the business from those website visitors.
To drive real value to your business you need a lead generation strategy that engages visitors, builds your knowledge base of customers, and converts more people along the marketing funnel.

Learn how 3 Media Web tackles lead generation strategies for our clients to pick up a few helpful tips for your own digital marketing goals.

What is lead generation?

A lead is a person who has shown interest in your business. Lead generation is the method of identifying and converting users into prospects for your company.
The general process is when a user clicks on a call-to-action button from a marketing channel that takes them to a landing page to entice them to fill out a form in exchange for an offer, at which they become a lead.

Types of Leads

There are different types of leads, which are Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

  • Marketing Qualified Leads: Users who have engaged with your marketing assets but are not ready for a sales call
  • Sales Qualified Leads: Users who are interested in becoming a customer

A Persona-Driven Lead Generation Strategy

A lead generation strategy is the plan of tactics to convert prospects into leads in hopes of encouraging them to become a customer. Not all leads are created equal depending on whether they are an MQL or SQL. The key is to know your audience and what drives them to drive down the marketing funnel.
Build personas on the type of people that are more likely to be ready to convert, identify which marketing channels would best reach them, and set goals that are tangible and measure against them. Finding the secret sauce to gain quality leads will take some trial and error.
Top 5 ways to generate leads through digital marketing:

1. Gated content

Gated content is digital content that is offered in exchange for users to identify themselves through filling out a form. This tactic is the most common because of its effectiveness in giving something of value for free as long as the user will provide their information to be contacted further.

  • Free Trials
  • Demos
  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Reports
  • Online tools

2. Social Lead Generation ads and remarketing

  • Social media is a highly effective tool for lead generation because of the ability to specifically target people’s demographics, companies, job titles, and even upload prospect lists to target email addresses.
  • Once the algorithm has been fed of the users to target you can then customize look-alike audiences that are people who are similar to those you’ve been targeting to advertise to.
  • Remarketing is your best friend when it comes to lead generation because it drives results. Remarketing is a feature on paid advertising platforms that allows you to show your ads to people who have interacted with your content in the past to offer incentives.
  • Choose the right social media platform based on where your audience is most likely to frequent.

3. Email Marketing

4. Incentives

  • The simplest method to lead generation is essentially bribery. In this day in age, people do not like giving out their personal information, so offering incentives will entice people more.
  • However, be sure to only offer incentives to your target audience. You can end up with a lot of unqualified leads.
  • Incentive ideas:
    1. Contests with prizes
    2. Discount Codes
    3. Free merchandise
    4. Product add-ons
    5. Free shipping
    6. Limited time offers

5. Chatbots

  • Chatbots have become a popular tool for handling company interactions, but they are also a great lead generation tool delivering convenient information to people that are already interested in your product or service.
  • Enhance customer experience and interactions
  • Enables personalize responses
  • Accelerate sale process
  • Collect user data

Turn High-Quality Traffic into High-Quality Leads

Focus your digital marketing efforts on not only generating traffic to your website but turning that traffic into qualified, high-quality leads. Engage your site visitors with content, or by building functionality into your site that sparks more conversations.
You can use the data from your converting visitors to further build your knowledge base of customers and drive real value for your business.

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