Making Your Company Page Stand Out on Facebook

Lysa Miller

In today’s competitive marketplace, simply having a website isn’t enough. In order to stay competitive, attract new customers and clients and increase sales, companies of all sizes in all industries, utilize social media as part of their marketing efforts. Facebook has proven to be an especially viable platform for marketing. But as more companies create Facebook pages every day, businesses must figure out how to make their page stand out from the multitude of others vying for consumer attention.

As of the beginning of 2017, the number of business pages on Facebook has surpassed 50 million. That means businesses must constantly be updating and analyzing their Facebook pages, as well as engaging their target audience, in order to maintain and grow their market share and garner a strong ROI.

Creating a Facebook business page with a vanity URL

One of the first and most important ways to make a company page stand out on Facebook is to create the page using a vanity URL. When a business page is first created, the link is just a mass of letters and numbers. Once a page acquires 25 likes, the business can change the URL to a vanity URL. Existing businesses without a vanity URL can still claim one, providing it isn’t already taken.

A vanity URL helps to increase brand recognition and Internet visibility. The URL will also be more likely to and show up in search engines for related organic searches, helping more potential customers and clients find the page.

Complete all information on the page

A business page that contains sparse information doesn’t help those who visit the page discover more about the business, which is typically the primary reason they visit the page in the first place. Facebook offers businesses a great opportunity to provide comprehensive information about their business, such as services, contact information, business hours, reviews, photos and much more.

Tip: Filling in all the information using relevant keywords also helps improve SEO.

Choose the proper images for the profile and cover images

Choosing an image that reinforces a company brand for the cover photo is always a wise choice. Likewise for the profile photo, which can also be an image featuring the manager or owner of the company, in order to put a face to the entity.

Add photos and videos

Facebook is a great way to engage a target audience in a way that a website can’t. Consistently posting photos or videos of products or services and related content offers more insight into the business and engages the consumer. Photo albums can be used to showcase a new product or an event that took place, while videos can be used to provide tutorials or product information or to answer consumer questions. Videos featuring managers or professionals also help showcase the business as an expert in their field.

Showcase the company

Facebook isn’t meant to be used as a means to post one long sales pitch. Consumers today like to be more involved with the companies they choose to do business with. Personalizing a business, rather than presenting it as a faceless entity, appeals to the consumer and reaches them on a more humanized level. Showcasing the employees and business events creates an appearance of company unity.

Lastly, it always helps to interject some interesting questions or discussions to keep the audience entertained. An interested audience shares posts with others, gathering more likes and growing the customer base.

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