8 Ideas to Improve your 2022 Digital Experience

Quick Summary: As machine learning increases its influence on internet advertising, users are demanding better, richer digital experiences at the same time.

Since 2020, the impact that a user’s digital experience has on their decision-making has grown by leaps & bounds. Trying to get your website or digital marketing in front of the right users and getting them to engage is more complex than ever.

In addition, the increased influence that machine learning has on when a user is shown your experience makes it even harder. In the end, the more people that engage with you across your digital landscape, the more algorithms will help grab users to show them your digital experience.

Below are eight ideas to improve your digital experience.

Web Design & Development

Unifying Experience Across All Devices

Website users are looking for consistency and familiarity in their experience across all devices. This is causing more and more websites to create app-like designs, simplifying the experience overall. When building your site, you may want to consider using a progressive web application (PWA) framework to take advantage of the fast page speeds and offline access to your web data.

A PWA creates an experience that is fast, reliable, seamless, and allows you to send push notifications to the user’s phone to generate more engagement. A PWA isn’t for every business, but it is worth the time to learn more about it.

The Simplicity of Design & Interaction

Similar to the above, users are craving simplicity. They want to be able to consume the content you are presenting quickly. Look to see if written content can be changed to an illustration or animation to get the point across. Are there too many choices for a user to make? Often, a business will try to create a website that makes it easy to manage, vs. thinking about what the user is trying to accomplish.

Goodbye “Traditional” Hero Banners

Hero banners are coming to the end of their effectiveness, but it has yet to be determined if they will disappear. For years, the design community has been eliminating the rotating banner. However, marketers keep breathing life into it. Regardless, you are likely to see the traditional here banner with a full-width inspirational image and CTA on it changes over the coming year.

Large, simple text & messaging are likely to replace the large, grand images. Users want to get the information they want and leave.

Accessibility isn’t Optional

With more people working remotely and spending more time on the internet, the lack of website accessibility is being noticed across all industries. In previous years, some businesses would ignore the legal requirements for accessibility on their website and take a chance not to get sued.

Those days are over. Aside from it being the right thing to do, businesses must make this a priority going forward. There is minimal sympathy in legal cases as this is not a new issue.

Digital Marketing

Keywords are (Mostly) Dead

SEO is no longer a function of who has the best keywords. With search engines being further driven by artificial intelligence & machine learning, your SEO strategy needs to factor in user experience and search intent more than ever.

Measures like bounce rate will determine if your page is providing the user value. Make sure your content is written to help users solve the problem they are searching for. Focus on what the user wants to hear vs. what you want to say.

Focus Advertising Only on the Platforms That Work

Many companies advertise on fewer platforms with a good ROI rather than spreading their budget across multiple platforms with mediocre returns. One platform gaining a lot of traction in the B2B space is LinkedIn. The targeting options are fantastic, and the tracking options keep getting better. Try new ad types like video ads to set yourself apart from other posts.

Content Presentation is King

Historically, content has been very dense and information-rich. However, easier to consume content is finding its stride. It is essential to expand your content description to just the written word, though.

Expand your content to include video (with transcript/subtitles), illustration, and animation in the way you deliver your message. Look to multimodal learning models in education as an example. Everyone learns differently, so provide them that ability.

The Social Media Monster

Social media will continue to be a valuable channel. Take the time to make sure your measurements are in place. Focus on one or two platforms that highly target your audience, where that audience goes for information about businesses like you and gives you the best results. If your audience doesn’t go to Twitter to buy a $200k consulting contract, why advertise there? Make sure you understand how social media impacts your user’s decision-making and cater to that.

Double Down on Your Digital Experience This Year

As machine learning increases its influence on internet advertising, users are demanding better, richer digital experiences at the same time. You can grow your business by doubling down on your website and other channels such as social media to improve the way your customers engage with you online.

Getting your website or digital marketing in front of your target audience, and engaging with them, is more challenging than ever. The only way to connect with the right people is to tailor your digital experience to them.  

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