Your website is not a set and forget it project. Regular website maintenance and updates are required to keep your site performing at its best. If you fail to follow this schedule, you end up losing out on many search engine optimization benefits.

Here are four website updates that you should perform to keep your SEO campaigns going strong.

Website Maintenance Improves Site Speed

New improvements to your content management system or hosting technology can have an impact on your overall speed. Google looks for fast-loading sites, as site visitors are not going to wait around for a resource-intensive landing page. Many people also access sites through their mobile devices these days, which makes it even more important to keep your site as speedy as possible.

Sometimes improving this site attribute is as easy as using an optimization plugin.

However, you don’t always get that lucky. You may need to perform more extensive updates to get the performance that you need for your SEO efforts. Changing your site structure, switching to a new content management system or completely overhauling your design may be required.

Website Maintenance will Fix Security Holes

The search engines aren’t going to keep a hacked site at the top of the search results. All of your hard SEO work becomes undone if you get compromised. Security warnings pop up through Google and various anti-virus programs, people’s browsers may warn them against accessing your site, and you could lose valuable data. Proactively stop this situation from happening by installing updates as soon as they come out. You never know when a widespread zero-day security exploit could take out your site.

Website Maintenance will Grow Your Content Library

A stale website with old content doesn’t provide a high-quality user experience. Google will probably overlook your site when it comes to ranking for your chosen keywords. You don’t want to end up on page 2 or worse, so you need to schedule in some time for growing your content library. Ideally, you offer a variety of content for your visitors, as everyone has their own preferences for format and style. A good mix could include a blog, a resource section with how-to guides, product review videos, and infographics.

Not only do Google and other search engines prefer that you have updated content on your page, but you also increase your chances of getting links back to your site. These backlinks help your SEO, especially if they’re from leading sites in your industry or niche.

Website Maintenance will Leverage New Features

Go to the Wayback Machine and look at some of the late ’90s websites. Web design and development have come a long way, with innovative features popping up regularly. You can’t overlook these technological changes, especially when they help you succeed in other SEO areas. Freshen up your website every few years, so you avoid becoming outdated. You can incorporate the current best practices for web design and structure, allowing you to adapt to an ever-changing SEO world that favors people who stay on top of the latest and greatest innovations.

Getting your keywords to the top of the search engine rankings is a difficult task. Keeping them there is even harder. Don’t let a lack of website maintenance and updates cause all of this work to go to waste. Put together a regular schedule before you have to deal with entirely avoidable consequences.

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